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Migration of Bone Cage into spinal canal after Bi Lateral Decompression fusion of L2,3

Started by Chawncey on 05/15/2016 7:12pm

I had sustained a L4,5, S1 15 yearrs ago anterior posterior fusion. Recently I had a posterior Decompression/ Fusion of L2,3 . The bone cage and screws migrated into my spinal canal causing nerve damage to my left leg. 7 months later another surgeon completed a revision surgery, removing all hardware, difficult to remove all due to how deeply into the sc it was. I then underwent a L2,3 anterior /posterior fusion with revision and stabilization of newly placed hardware.
I am now using an electric wheel chair as I can not put any pressure on my left leg.
How long will it be for new fusion to be complete and how long for nerve damage to repair itself?
Recently I now have sizeable swelling around my left foot and left calf. I was seen in the ER and was told that I do not have a blood clot, cardiac rhythm is fine. What is up with that can spinal canal trauma cause edema? It has been 3 months since the revision and stabilization surgery, ( 2 ) procedures total 3 spine procedures within 9 months.
Thank you for responding if one happens by this post. Jane

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So sorry to hear about your problems and severe pain, I have no answer to your questions, other than i think it can take 18 months the heal a nerve,

Hope you recover quickly and as pain free as poss.

Have a great day