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Can I take care of myself after Coflex surgery?

Started by BBJ on 06/10/2018 3:44am

I have central canal stenosis and an impinged nerve root at the L5 joint. I also have a Grade 1 spondylolisthesis, L4 over L5. I have recently consulted with a neurosurgeon who has recommended some sort of minimal laminectomy and then Coflex insertions at two levels. I have questions about whether I will be able to take care of myself (by myself as I have no one to come and stay with me) after this procedure. I also am concerned about the length of the incision and how much pain that will involve after the surgery, as well as when I can expect some relief from that. The NS has indicated approximately a 2 to 3 inch incision.

This procedure is supposed to be an alternative to traditional fusion surgery. I have read very positive reviews about it, but I would like more detailed information if anyone has any to offer. For example, how long before you can drive? How long will there be pain requiring medication? What is best position to sleep in? This will be done from the posterior. And it will be done in their surgery center so I will have no hospital stay. They tell me they will have me up and walking right after the procedure before they let me go home.

Has anyone had this procedure who can give me some detailed experiences they had during the recovery process?

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