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Posted in: Spinal tumors, and Surgery.

Tumor Surgery - How bad is it?

Started by casiodave on 10/04/2018 2:21pm

Yes the pain, foot drop, left leg tremors, calf atrophy, and loss of balance is a tumor. A nice big one 2.8cm x 1.4. in the dura. Cord displacement at T12-L1. I'm 53 and an avid hiker doing 3k to 5k 2x per week in the woods. Surgery is recommended. 4 days in the hospital with 8 weeks to "whenever" recovery times. (my expectations are being managed I guess). Anyone here done this? How bad is the recovery?

BTW: pain background C4-C7 herniated disks 10 years ago followed by a vertical fracture (chiropractor). Surgery declined: Vicodin ES, Gabapentin, valium, and traction 18 months. Okay now by I don't think I'm getting out of this tumor as easily.

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