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Neck Pain

Started by gray809 on 12/22/2010 6:51pm

Hello, I'm looking to get information from anyone who has had the neck condition I have. Need to know what I need to do, or options to fix the problem with my neck. I had a MRI done on Monday the 20th of Dec, and got the results today. I have degenerative disc disease, with five bulging disc, and two herniated disc. Each morning I get up my shoulders, elbows, and hands are still. The pain is very painful all due to a accident I had in 1993 and was to young to due surgery. Now my condition is worst, and schedule to have a Spinal Cord Stim put in my back for pain. I've had five surgeries on my back since May 19,2010. Now, my neck is a problem and my pain doctor want to give me a shots in my neck to help. I'm very scared due to I have had so many problems with my back. Need to know what kind of shots will help my neck. Please help...Happy Holiday to all!!!!


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Hi Gray... wow sounds like you've been throught the wringer.

You can ask the dr what specific medication he's planning to give in the epidural injections, usually a steroid to reduce inflamation. I know that it works for some people and not for others, its kinda like a crap shoot. If it works, life can be good, if not, then you'll probably need to seek other non invasive treatments before you talk surgery. Getting the injection wasn't a picnic, but if you are familiar with neck and back pain, you should be able to manage ok. They usually give medication to relax you at the time of the injection.

I went through two rounds of PT and injections to no avail. I am scheduled for surgery in 6 weeks. My pain, numbness, muscle spasms/cramps form my neck all the way to my fingers has gotten worse over the months, and going to PT was horrible for me. but thats not the case for everyone. I always tell people to do all they can before they get to that surgery point, as I'm sure you're more than familiar with.

Get a second opinion too (if thats a possibility). I know there are so many different treatments out there now. I hope everything works out for you.


jenn45... thanks so much for the grest answer, right now I'm taking medication for depression, inflamation, and zoloft, and valium for nerve problems. I been praying real hard to God. When I was told my back needed surgery, I tried shots but they did not work, so surgery was my option I had lost 25% of my right side.. My sister is a RN and say do what I need to do to keep myself from being in a wheelchair. I will have a 6 back surgery on Jan 31, 2011, and neck shot on Jan 10,2010. I will take your advise and get a second doctor to look at my neck before I have surgery on my neck. My elbows, shoulders, and finger all get numb and stiff. Good luck with your surgery, keep in touch with me. I will be praying for you!!!Happy New Years!!!!!!


Just had a nerve block 5 days ago in my cspine, they were not sure where my pain was coming from and after inj in c1 c2 and c3, the c3 inj was more painful so they think this was the culprit to my pain. I had c5-6 and c6-7 fusion with bone graft and it was and anterior/posterior surgery. I too was in an auto accident, but suffered arm pain about 2 months later, was off on wc for arm pain, then while off my neck ruptured. Because i did not get an xray after my auto accident, no doctor thought to look at my neck, I cannot get wc benefits. No lawyer will take the case. this was my first job out of school and I had my accident 6 weeks later, my company auto and wc insurance was the same company and the nurse on my case new about the auto accident and did nothing like to suggest an mri.; I feel so screwed. my employer terminated me cause I could not work, now I am able to return and there are no jobs. Oh well...........

sorry for venting. It took me one full year to feel pretty darn good after my fusion. My surgeon said it can take up to 2 years. Two months after my surgery, I could not turn my neck without lots of pain. I requested for PT which helped a lot but did not make me feel very good. My arm pain also continued. I could not mow the lawn as the rider was too jerky, this was 6 months after the surgery. Then, 10 months after surgery, my arm pain just got better, must have been nerve pain, but I continued to have eyeball pain when I pressed behind my left ear. So I asked for the nerve block, and so far it seems to have helped a lot. Now, my range of motion is or turned my head a certain way. I have limited range of motion, but I do some stretching of my neck and it has not really improved my range of motion but the pain is pretty much gone. I also had inj in my shoulders about 8 months after surgery, my shoulders and neck were full on knots, pressure points. This also helped me with my pain a lot. I can crank my neck now and not strain it when I am parking the car/driving. This past summer I was still so bad, and it wears on you and breaks you down. I quit all pain meds about 4 months after surgery cuz I was just too stoned. I decided to live drug free, gabapentin is the worst for memory, burn out, etc. I am glad I was able to get off of everything, but I developed a bad case of hives for about 4 months and the dr thinks it was from ibuphrophen. Can't spell it! So now it is Tylnol that I take but it does not work as well.

I am told I had the best surgeon in the area. And I am thankful this holiday season as I finally have my life back; It took a year! My disc compressed my spinal cord, I was a mess, I never felt so much pain in my life, it was horrible, I could not function, I just layed around and ate pills and my husband finally said enough, and we went to dr and they said I was not going to get better with out surgery and it would take a lot of work on my part to get better, I did swim therapy, I walked a lot, and I rested a lot too. My upper ams shunk to half its size due to weakness and I now have torn ligaments at the base of my right thumb which they say it was due to the weakness in my arm, I over used it.

So now i have this seconday injury and am getting inj in my thumb! Hell getting old. But I have a new attitude just recently, I no longer feel sorry for myself, I try to look at the positive things in my life and am and should always remain grateful. Though I feel WC screwed my on purpose, I fell what goes around comes around. I am thankful my husband has and can support me without me working, though i really want to work but cannot find a job. My interviews dont go well as I have been off so long and I am afraid to tell them I had medical issues for most of my time off cuz they will hold that against me. I get asked on interviews why I have not worked for so long. I decided to turn it over to God and he can decide when i am to get offered a job and go back to work. I wish you all the best. Pain is a bitch to live with, dont be afraid of nerve blocks, they have done wonders for me. As for surgery, get second opinions, find the best doctor you can go to and pray for a good outcome.


Go for the Pain Pump instead of the stimulator. Everyone I have talked too or know that has had one has had them removed. They didn't get any pain relief and said it made them itch like crazy. I had a surgery 12-23-2010 to have a Pain Pump implanted. I actually feel like once it is completely adjusted I will have some of my life back. I have 4 fusions in my neck, from 2 surgerys, and I have 2 fusions in my lower back they did from the front and back. I also have a bad left leg from a deer/harley accident. Everytime they adjust the pump up a little I am a little less in pain. It takes a while to reach the correct setting on the pump because they can't bring it up too fast. Anyway the Pump has helped and I think will more and more. I hope that may be some usefull info for you. Also I hope the best for your surgery and recovery.


Joeybobbie...well had the surgery, you are right, I itch so bad. See my surgeon on the 17th of Feb and I plan to ask him why it inch so much. Got mine implanted on the 31th of Jan and it just made
a week. Mine stop working and now waiting for them to send me a new antenna, and programmer.
They both stop working, so now I have nothing to help with pain, until I get the replacement. But over all it help me with some of my pain, but my neck is another story. Don't want surgery on my neck due to every one I now say its a term fix. I'm getting ready to have a birthday and I want to enjoy
the rest of my life, by praying to God almighty for help. Well, thanks for the information, but if mine continue to itch I will have mine removed. Have a great week!!!!


Hey Gray
If itching is a continuing problem they could change out to a pain pump instead all in the same surgery probably. It's a completely different setup than the stimulator. I have Morphine in mine and it has really helped my lower back. My neck is its own problem I think that is going to have to be fixed again before the pump can take care of it. The pump is a whole lot better than the stimulator. Just something you can think about.