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Having pain in back when running.

Started by mooselover on 02/08/2011 2:47pm

My 14 year old is still having back pain whenever she runs a little. She was diagnosed with spondylosis and minor spondylolithesis in April of 2010. She wore her brace 24/7 for 4-5 months. Then only had to wear it during the day until bed time for another month. Her doctor then said that she could just wear it during daytime hours and take it off when she got home from school. This lasted for another 2 months. In December 2010, she was no longer required to wear it.
She had to call in every 2-4 weeks to update the doctor on how she was feeling. Every time that she called in, she reported that she still had mild pain when standing for prolonged period of time and running. She has not had an x-ray since April 2010 to see if the slippage is still occuring.
Was wondering if there is anyone that can give me advice on if this pain that she is still having whenever she runs should be cause for concern. She was hoping to be able to play lacrosse this spring (since it is a non-contact sport).
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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If you feel that you are still not satisfied with the problem that now follows why not seek another opinion. Have you discussed a duragesic (pain patch) with any of your docs, it does work. Check it ou.