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Has anyone had a Posterior Foraminotomy?

Started by nanalee on 02/06/2010 9:35am

I recently had a 3 level (C4-C7) ACDF in Feb/09, I recently saw my surgeon as MRI shows left and right neural foraminal stenosis along with broad-based posterior C3/4 disc herniation with indentation of the thecal sac and mild flattening of the spinal cord, my surgeon is sending me for an EMG and nerve conductivity tests. I continue to have severe headaches, tingling numbness in my arms down to my hands along with burning pain, my surgeon advised he could do a posterior foraminotomy, will this procedure give me relief of the burning pain and numbness? Thanking all posts in advanced.

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nanalee, the best advice I ever got was to get a second opinion. I now get 3 opinions for any surgical recommendation.

There are risks with every surgery, but in theory if the foraminotomy relieves the protrusion on the spinal cord it should relieve the symptoms. See this article for an explanation: Foraminotomy: Taking Pressure off Spinal Nerves

It sounds like the right call... but still get a second opinion.

BTW, I had a nanalee - My grandma's name was lee and we called her nanalee.

I wish you all the best!


Currently recovering from one that was performed on june 8, 2010!
My surgeon is one of the top three in new york. it was performed at
the neurological institute at columbia presbyterian medical center.
My surgeon said plain and simply that he can not promise that the
pain, numbness, and/or tingling will disappear after the surgery was
performed. that's right, can not!!!!

The surgery is done in the hopes they will be alleviated, but no promises.
it's also done to prevent further damage. and believe me, that damage could
end up causing paralysis and or loosing your ability to hold your urine and/or
bowel movements!

Get at least 2 more opinions!!!