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Posted in: Surgery.

Spinal fusion advice

Started by nd2078 on 08/10/2010 1:11pm

I'm new to the forum, but sadly not new to back pain. I had 2 decompressive laminectomies in the past 3 years. L5/S1 and L4/L5. I also have DDD and stenosis too. About 2 months ago I started having problems again, and went through "conservative care". PT (which did not help). I went back to the neurosurgeon that did both surgeries, and he is recommending fusion. I go for a push/pull x-ray and mri tomorrow to see how much he wants to fuse.

I have a very physically demanding job, so that is also a consideration. I am in constant pain, and scared to death about not being able to work (I'm only 32). I trust my doctor very much, but will have a 2nd opinion about this. I was just curious about others in the community having fusion surgery from the standpoint of recovery.

Any feedback would be greatly apreciated,

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