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Started by wildbill38 on 09/28/2010 4:02pm

I had a lower lumbar fusion of the L4 L5 and S1 on 9/2/09 then on 9/3/09. I was rushed back to the operating room for a hematoma on my L5. I was then admitted in for surgery again on 12/15/09 for a synovial cyst on the L5 and then on 5/12/2010 I was once again admitted for surgery for another synovial cyst once again on L5. then on 5/12/2010 I rushed back into the operating from the recovery room with another hematoma on my L5. I asked my doctor if these cyst could be forming because of the bmp infuse allograft he told me that it could be possible but would not commit himself. my question is has anyone else had this type of problem with a lumbar fusion surgery.

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Hi! I found out yesterday I have a synovial cyst at the L5-S1 foraminal level and I too had a fusion with bmp. I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor as to what he suggests. I'm having a lot of extra pain but really never was pain free after the fusion. This may be causing even more pain. I'm wondering if there is a connection. I know you posted back in September. What more have you found out since then?


I sincerely hope that the cysts have not re-formed again and you have been pain free since your last post.

Since I have Synovial Cysts on my L4 L5 as well, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on proceeding with Microdecompression or Spinal Fusion Surgery. I have exhausted all the conservative treatment options and will need to proceed with surgery inevitably to reduce the intolerable pain in the buttocks and both legs.

Take care.