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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

21 year old insecure male :/

Started by mikey on 03/29/2011 6:49pm

hi im 21 years old and i have scoliosis i cant ever take my shirt of in the summer go swimming or let people touch my back people always make fun of me and call me bent back even my friends sometimes :/ i have asked for surgery but there is a chance the op will paralize me from the wase down so im not going to risk it ino i shouldent take any notice of what other people say but its so hard when people laff at me i feel like crying inside but i act like it dosent bother me i just dont no what to do anymore.

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I know you have heard this many times before, but what makes you a person is what you are inside. I know it's so very hard being 21 with scoliosis and not feeling like you are fitting in with what you consider "normal", but you are normal and your condition reveals how mean some people can be. Think about it, and what kind of person you are, if your back was straight, would you hang out with the kind of people that would make fun of someone?.. So, you wouldn't want to be involved with people like this anyway.

Not all people are mean and I'm sure there are many people that care about you, even if you only know of a few, stick with them and just ignore people that can't see past your condition. Don't be mean to them or retaliate, just ignore them and focus on the people that know you inside and love you. Trust me, things will work, out for you, even with girls. Most kids your age are just interested in partying, sex, and physical attractions, but that is only temporary and someday you will meet a really nice girl that sees you for what you are, not just for your physical appearance. Always be kind to others, always smile and be helpful.


Hey mikey,
Im 23 and male. . . I also have scoliosis. I understand everything you are talking about. My scoliosis is fairly noticeable and I have only on 2or3.occasions been made fun of for it. You should find some new friends man. . . .i am planning on having scoliosis surgery


Hi mike. Im a 20 year old girl I have severe scoliosis. I used ton have a rockin body but now I won't wear a bikini nor could I phathom the idea of taking my shirt off in front of my boy friend even though I know he doesn't care. If I could wear my clothes in the shower I probably would. I have decided to have the survery I no longer care about the risks. I'm in pain emotionally a physically so I believe it's worth it