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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

Walking hurts

Started by 1200121345@facebook on 12/07/2011 5:46pm

i've had several operations on my back, i'm 32 110 lbs. (i know slightly underweight) born w/ scoliosis. Have had herrington Rods put in and removed in my life and recently been discovering walking is very very difficult popping pain killers is just not doing it .. i can't tell where the pain is originating from? please help.... the past few years i've been doing extensive walking more than ever in my whole life i don't know whats wrong

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I have had 12 back surgeries, including 16 pedicle screws and a brace around my spine at about T6. The screws are T2-10. They ate doing this in europe now instead of Harrington rods.

I am also fused and decompressed in the Cervical (5 surgeries) and lumbar, ( 4 surgeries) parts if my spine.

I can't walk more than a few minutes. I can't drive. I can't sit too long either. However, this is what helped me:

Isometric exercises
Yoga, with all modifications.
Reflexology on feet (hubby does)
Pain pills
Muscle relaxers
Baths with salts to detox or destress.

With all your surgeries did they talk about arthritis of the spine? Or swelling? These are a few things that I am Dx with. Unfortunately these are things you pretty much have to live with or take pills for. But I am NOT a doctor.

Hope that helps.


I personally have had a problem,earlier,while walking ,although I haven't undergone any spinal operations.I felt a lot of relief,after I changed my leather shoes and switched to a Nike/Reebok model light walking shoes.In fact I inserted two spongy insoles,in each and believe me the pain has decreased a lot while walking.Please try to avoid walking on uneven ground / hard concrete as well as very long walks.


Hey.. someone else in my situation! I'm 33- first surgery for scoliosis was 14, second at 24, and now, like clockwork, looking at my third. About every 10 years your discs above and below fusions will wear out - faster if you participate in high impact activities. I have a deep boring pain (thankfully no nerve) that has disabled me for two years. Nothing will work except another surgery to alleviate the bone on bone. There is no disc. This may or may not be your situation. I keep feeling my bones catching when I walk. Muscle relaxers won't help. I was once told that it is best to try and keep my back muscles tight (avoid massages, relaxers) and I really do believe it helps doing so.