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degenerative disc surgery c-3 thru c-7--urinary difficulty a symptom?

Started by SF25 on 04/12/2012 1:25pm

I had lower back pain along with the usual symptoms. My neurosurgeon had me have cervical MRI when, along with the usual symptoms of lumbar pain, I had been experiencing problems with urinary difficulty. I had several xrays and MRI's for lumbar and thoracic, but none for cervical. As soon as he heard my symptoms, including urinary difficulty (had been to urologist for 5 months with no diagnosis, learned how to catheterize myself) he sent me for cervical MRI. Results: C-3 through C-7 extensive stenosis w/ myelopathy; asked if I had recent trauma (no) so degenerative disc disease involving cord impingement. I had surgery-anterior cervical dissection and fusion c3-c7..
Is the urinary problem a common symptom? And if iti is, does experiencing urinary difficulty now (not having to catheterize yet and sporadic occurance) mean that there could be trouble with my neck again? Is it only related to cervical area of the spine?

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I haven't received any replies. To make it simple: Is bladder or bowel dysfunction a symptom with both cervical and lumbar disc problems? How common is it? I have already experienced bladder dysfunction to the point of having to catheterize myself. This problem was resolved with surgery on C-3 thru C-7 (anterior cervical dissection and fusion) 18 months ago. I also have lumber problems and now the bladder problems have started again. Can someone help me with this question?
Thank you.......................