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Over the past 16 years or so, I have served in various positions including Chief of Staff and currently Practicing Consultant for 3 different hospitals, incharge of Respiratory illness and ICU cases while simultaneously training nursing staff in the latest respiratory techniques and procedures .also few year experience served in ER for traumatology and act as traumatologist.
Recently year I more spending time in academic
utility and upgrade clinical pratice in spine surgical field.

Rural Medical Solution
Dr:Teoh Boon Khai , MD, PhD
During these clinical years, I have observed and seen the dramatic improvements brought about by advancements in medical technology. However, in rural areas, there is still a desperate need for even the most basic medical care. These impoverished people can barely survive day-to-day, let alone have enough money to see a doctor when they are sick. This unfortunate reality is one that I have felt powerless to influence the government to change, and so I can only brainstorm ways to help these people on my own.
This proposal for a mobile hospital has taken me five years to fully develop. The practice of minimally invasive medicine and the improvements in long distance technology communication over the past two years have made it possible for this plan to be realized. The issue now is not technology or hardware and equipment, but rather can people identify with this concept?
I believe that China is the country that has the greatest need and ability to implement the mobile hospital. What country in the world with such a large territory does not lack emergency medicine? Countries would surely welcome a solution to the shortage of rural medical care. China will not only need but can achieve this unprecedented undertaking.

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